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We want you to feel comfortable and confident when starting your project!

That’s why we make sure you have the resources you need to get the job done right. Everything we make, we back with a limited lifetime warranty.  HIGH FORMAT products as manufactured by HIGH FORMAT are backed by a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer to the original end user for products used in residential applications.  This assurance of product quality guarantees the structural integrity of these products and is applicable where products have been correctly installed to manufacturer’s specifications.  Any properly installed hardscape material manufactured by HIGH FORMAT that structurally fails due to the concrete in the product not meeting the design strength specification will be replaced by the manufacturer.

The following items are not covered by this warranty (collectively, “Exclusions”):

  • Color variances and the appearance of surface stains resulting from chemical reactions such as efflorescence or differential curing;

  • Damage caused by installation, misuse or abuse of the materials

  • Deterioration caused by de-icing salts or fertilizers

  • Damage resulting from sub-grade settlement or movement

  • Hairline cracks that do not affect the structural performance of the product

  • Spalling of less than three percent of the surface area

  • Contact with chemicals or paint

  • Discoloration due to airborne contamination, staining, oxidation, or improper sealing


Products purchased must be registered with the manufacturer within 60 days of end user’s purchase for warranty to be valid. You may register your project here.

HIGH FORMAT expressly disclaims any warranty, express or implied, related to the exclusions described above. Further, HIGH FORMAT expressly disclaims any warranty, express or implied, related to products designed and manufactured by manufacturers other than HIGH FORMAT. All natural stone products sold by HIGH FORMAT are sold "as-is".

All warranty claims must be made prior to the removal or disposal of the defective product.  Warranty claims will be reviewed by a company representative and may require samples of defective product for analysis.  Warranty does not include removal, installation, or transportation to replace the material.  Warranty is not transferable and is extended to the original end user only.  Proof of purchase is required.

NOTE: This warranty applies to Wetcast, TEKTRAMAT®, and VIBRALOCK® products only. 

For additional questions please contact us at (877) 777-6558.



We at HIGH FORMAT®, along with our media partners, do our best to produce print and digital materials that accurately reflect the true shades and tones of our product. However, we cannot guarantee perfect color matching for project photos, color swatches, or other picture representations. Final color selection should be made from actual material which can be viewed at your local dealer location.
Integral pigments are incorporated into the raw materials for all HIGH FORMAT® products to intentionally produce subtle shades and color variations throughout each block or paver. Therefore no product seen in a photograph will be precisely duplicated. For the most natural appearance, install products from multiple pallets simultaneously. This will create a blended, natural look.


Efflorescence is a naturally occurring, chalky, white residue commonly found on concrete surfaces. The presence of efflorescence in no way degrades the integrity of any product. It can usually be removed with efflorescence cleaners and often washes away over time. HIGH FORMAT® does not cover the presence of efflorescence under warranty.


Variation in color can occur where packaging comes into contact with the product. Often, these variations will fade with time. This does not affect the integrity of the material, and it is not considered to be a defect. Color variation caused by contact with packaging materials is not covered under warranty.

Polymeric Haze:

Improper installation of ancillary polymeric sand products may result in the presence of polymeric haze. This discoloration can potentially mute the vibrant colors of concrete products. Hazing is not indicative of the quality of the HIGH FORMAT® product, and should not be considered a source of concern for the product’s durability. Because HIGH FORMAT® cannot regulate selection or installation of aftermarket accessory materials, we do not warranty against the presence of polymeric haze. In general, polymeric haze can be cleaned and washes away over time.

Heavy Equipment:

The broad surface dimensions of HIGH FORMAT®’s slab products are not engineered for vehicular traffic and compaction equipment. The exception to this exclusion are the more traditionally dimensioned New Mission and Amaro pavers. Both New Mission and Amaro can be used as driveway pavers and/or finish-compacted. If a compactor is used to aid in installation of New Mission or Amaro Pavers, then a urethane pad should be used with the compactor to protect the detailed surfaces of the pavers from damage.

Normal Maintenance and Care:

As with any product that is continually exposed to the natural environment, cleaning and care may be desired over time to maintain the appearance of your hardscapes. Generous rinsing with water and light scrubbing with a stiff, plastic bristle brush is generally the best way to remove dirt that has accumulated over time. Cleaners and mild detergent designed to be used on concrete products may be used as well. Always follow all manufacturer instructions and test on a small area when using any cleaner. Power washers may cause damage at close range.

Winter Care:

All metal snow shovels and snow blower blades have the potential to damage concrete surfaces. All snowplows, snow blowers and shovels used to clear HIGH FORMAT® products of snow should use plastic blades or guards. De-icing salts will damage concrete and should not be used with HIGH FORMAT® products unless they are made with TEKTRAMAT® technology. HIGH FORMAT® does not cover damage done by snow removal, de-icing, or improper loading under warranty.

Natural Stone:

Natural stone is a product of nature. Surface texture and color will vary piece to piece and crate to crate. Our partnering quarries work hard to ship consistent, high quality product, but you should expect variation. Samples are suggested, but will not guarantee color. We highly recommend all material be delivered prior to installation and that available material is blended throughout your project. Each installation will be uniquely different and perfectly created in nature!

Note: Slate is composed of many thin layers. It is normal to see minor flaking during installation and immediately after the slate is installed. This will stop within a few weeks or after the slate is cleaned or pressure washed. 

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